Pesach 2013 , the Passover Holiday

Pesach 2013

Important dates for Passover 2013

The Passover Holiday

The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, is based upon the Biblical account of the Exodus from Egypt (Exodus). Talmudic discussions are most highly concentrated in Tractate Pesahim, with mentions all throughout the Talmud. Laws, rules, and customs are given in the Code of Jewish Law beginning in chapter 429.

The most stringent obligation of Pesach is the prohibition of leavened foods. Unleavened bread (matza or matzo) is eaten in remembrance of the slavery and hurried exodus.

The Jewish people sojourned to Egypt due to famine, and remained there for close to 400 years. The drama of the Exodus has even been the subject of Hollywood movies! Following the 10 plagues, the Jews were led by Moses and Aharon out of slavery, crossed the Reed Sea, watched the Egyptian army drown, and journeyed on to the Revelation at Mount Sinai.

For a full seven days leavened products are forbidden. To avoid any leavened ingredients, foods are designated specially "kosher for Passover".

The Passover Seder

The first night of Passover is known as the Seder Night. The Seder is a special meal following an unusual order given in the Passover Haggadah. "Seder" literally means "order" in Hebrew, and "Hagadah" literally means "The telling".

The Seder centers around the telling of the story of the Exodus ("They tried to kill us"), praising and thanking the Almighty ("We won"), and the ritual eating of Matzo and Maror, the bitter herb ("Let's Eat").

Seder night is traditionally a time for the family to gather for the celebratory meal. Other traditions include neurotic cleaning before the holiday, traveling during the Intermediary days of the holiday, and giving the children new holiday clothes.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Passover is a major holiday in the Jewish year. The home is the central focus of holiday, and so home gifts and holiday oriented gifts are very appropriate. Here are some ideas:

Tell the Passover story to all your friends: "They tried to kill us. We won. Let's eat!" with's gift selection. Sip tea during Pesach with your mug, tell the Passover story in three easy sentences on your shopping tote, or show off your baby in one of our bibs.

Pesach gifts
Pesach gifts, t-shirts, cards
Pesach leaning pillow
Got Knaidelach? Pillow

Perfect for leaning at the Seder!

Where's the Matza? Cap

Perfect for your Passover hikes!

Got Matzah? Tote Bag

Do your Passover shopping in style!

Cleaned for Passover Stickers

No crumbs allowed!

More gift ideas

And you shall tell your son on that day..
Or How To Entertain Your Kids at the Seder.

These special little "tricks of the trade" will help make sure your kids ask questions (Why on earth are you wearing a Pharaoh hat, Daddy???), and stay happily involved in the seder:

Four Questions Finger Puppets will help enliven the Four Questions. Purchase online or make your own, one for each of the Four Sons.

10 plagues kits help you make the 10 plagues "come alive" for your children. You can purchase ready made plague kids or make your own. The ten plagues are: blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, sickness, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, Death of the Firstborn. You can also make finger puppets for each of the plagues. Get creative and make your own little "bag of plagues"!

  1. Seder Plates
  2. Armenian seder plates
  3. Disposable seder plates -- For the seder on the go.
  4. Matza crumb sweeper -- Miss your crumb sweeper? Get one Kosher L'pesach!
  5. Elijah's Cup -- The fifth cup is poured for Elijah the Prophet.
  6. The soft seder toy kit -- The soft seder toy kit comes with a child's soft seder plate, and all the fixin's (5 plus matzahs are available separately). Set up your small child with this at the seder table and watch them play happily.
  7. Four Questions Finger Puppets -- Liven up the Haggadah story.
  8. 10 plagues plush kit -- A bag of 10 plagues!
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